IxD Workshop – Skoltech Institute

IxD Workshop – Skoltech Institute

(Image above: TapLED by Anna Dubovik, Tatiana Gaponova, Muhammad Amirul Islam, Marina Morozova, Nikolay Shuyskiy)

Team: Federico Casalegno (lead-P.I.), Catherine Winfield (lead), Laura Poluzzi, Jason Lipshin, Stephanie Lee, Cagri Hakan Zaman

Short Description: In October 2013, I traveled to Moscow, Russia with other researchers at the MIT Mobile Experience Lab to help lead a series of interaction design workshops on creating new products and services surrounding energy and sustainability. Working with engineering students from the MIT-Skoltech Institute, our team sought to instill the values of human-centered design and to underline its necessity for creating successful products and services. Within the course of a week, ten teams of students had created truly innovative, sustainable prototypes and presented their work to hundreds of representatives from Russia’s energy sector. Some of the prototypes created by the students include: 1) a rolling chair that generates and stores electricity from movement in wheels; and 2) a smart sink that automatically adjusts water temperature to hand temperature, while also providing feedback to the user on how much water is wasted (see picture above).

My Role: Teaching interaction design methods (concept development, journey maps, user profiles, ethnography, wireframing). Acted as a design critic and creative consultant for multiple teams.

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