Creative Industries Prototyping Lab

Creative Industries Prototyping Lab

(Sponsors: Peruvian Ministry of Culture, Intercorp Innovation Lab, Casa Andina. We were also featured in the local Peruvian press. The picture is of team member Eduardo Marisca.)

Team: Jason Lipshin, Rodrigo Davies, Eduardo Marisca, Erica Deahl, Julie Fischer, and Lingyuxiu Zhong.

Short Description: The Creative Industries Prototyping Lab is an initiative of the graduate students in the Comparative Media Studies program at MIT. It is a three-day design thinking workshop where graduate researchers from the program work with local entrepreneurs working in digital creative industries.┬áThe first edition of the lab was hosted in Lima, Peru in April 2014 and was sponsored by the Peruvian Ministry of Culture, the Intercorp Innovation Lab, and Casa Andina, Peru’s largest hotel chain. Further design workshops are being planned in various cities around the world.

My Role: Creating interaction design and design thinking curriculum for the workshops; teaching wireframing, journey maps, and ideation processes; mentorship for students.

The website for the event can be found here.

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